Management Services

HOMZ management services can be broken down into the following general areas. Each area is described in detail for your information and consideration.

  1. Resident services
  2. Occupancy certification and other management matters
  3. Maintenance services
  4. Fiscal management and reporting
  1. Resident Services

    More than a place to live - a place to belong. That concept influences all our actions. We believe that it is our responsibility to help residents feel involved in their community. Resident organizations, meetings and activities are encouraged. The on-site Resident Relations Specialist serves as a facilitator for special events such as Resident Appreciation Days, holiday parties, informational speakers and entertainment groups. Newsletters keep residents informed of events at the property and within the community. Articles about special happenings in individual resident's lives are featured in the newsletter.

    Community resources and supportive services are essential to effective management of housing for seniors. Residents at several properties managed by HOMZ benefit by having a Service Coordinator who links residents to appropriate service providers within the community, provides information on benefits, arranges educational and wellness programs, and generally encourages and supports residents to maintain a self-reliant lifestyle.

    We are grateful to the following agencies who provide Service Coordinators at HOMZ-managed properties:

    • CASI (Center for Active Seniors, Inc.) in Davenport, Iowa
    • Elder Services, Inc. in Iowa City, Iowa
    • Lutheran Social Services in Appleton, Wisconsin

    Several properties designated for persons 55+ and 62+ offer an inexpensive nutritious noon meal served to residents in their community room. Other residents opt to have meals delivered to their doors by local meals-on-wheels organizations. Certain properties also provide computers in their community room for use by residents.

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  2. Occupancy Certification and Other Management Matters

    HOMZ excels in its understanding and implementation of occupancy rules, regulations and rental calculations. We strive for "superior" ratings on management reviews conducted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA), the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) and the U.S.D.A. Rural Development RD).

    Our comprehensive management services include:

    • Marketing the property
    • Resident selection in accordance with Fair Housing, HUD and owner's guidelines
    • Waiting list maintenance
    • Rent and security deposit collections
    • Move-in/out coordination
    • Resident file maintenance
    • Annual and interim recertifications
    • Housekeeping inspections
    • Resident relations
    • Community contacts and coordination
    • Hiring, training, motivating and supervising on-site personnel
    • Coordination with HUD, IFA, WHEDA and/or RD and completion of required reports
    • Assist HUD, IFA, WHEDA and/or RD with management reviews and respond to same
    • Insurance reviews, bidding and monitoring
    • Other management services as required or requested

    HOMZ has automated systems for all HUD certifications and TRACS (computer) transmission of interim and annual certifications, as well as monthly Housing Assistance Payments requests.

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  3. Maintenance Services

    Routine and preventative maintenance programs are specifically designed for each property managed by HOMZ. Our comprehensive maintenance services include:

    • Hiring, training, motivating and supervising maintenance personnel
    • Developing a preventive maintenance program specifically geared to each property
    • Monitoring performance of all preventive maintenance
    • Conducting regular property inspections
    • Participating in HUD, IFA, WHEDA and/or RD property inspections and responding to comments
    • Bidding and monitoring any major repair work performed by outside contractors
    • Monitoring unit ready-ups to minimize vacancy losses
    • Preparing annual operating and maintenance budgets
    • Preparing and implementing capital needs plans
    • Keeping owners informed about current and future maintenance concerns
    • Other maintenance services as required or requested
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  4. Fiscal Management and Reporting

    Over the past forty years, HOMZ has primarily focused on government-subsidized housing management and fiscal reporting as required by owners, HUD and other agencies. We provide accurate and timely financials that serve as useful asset management tools.

    The following fiscal management services are provided:

    • Collection of all cash receipts (rents, laundry and other proceeds)
    • Security deposit collection, recordation and refunds
    • Resident ledgers
    • Prompt payment of all property payables in accordance with budget guidelines
    • Maintenance of a comprehensive system of records, books and ledgers conforming to HUD requirements and generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP)
    • Monthly financial statements, cash reports and budget comparative statements
    • Preparation of HUD reports
    • Preparation of annual budgets
    • Rent increase requests as needed
    • Coordination of annual audit by an independent auditor

    HOMZ provides state-of-the-art accounting reports using the Timberline accounting system. We tailor any additional reports to specific needs.

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